Surviving and thriving in an Aspergian family

You Don’t Know Me

You don’t know me, but welcome to my world.  Where every day is a new problem, a new opportunity, a new frustration, a new joy, a new tear, a new smile, a new glimpse into the world of the Aspergian family. 

Let me start out by saying that I myself am not an Aspie, but I am the mom to two diagnosed Aspie kids, one suspected Aspie kid (we haven’t got to her yet, but after all, she is the middle child :-), and one suspected Aspie husband.  How is that for feeling like a minority.  But the way I look at it, if God didn’t think I was the right person for this family he wouldn’t have given me the job. 

In the interest of privacy, I am hereby going to refer to my family members as dh (dear husband), ds (dear son, oldest child), dd1 (my oldest daughter) and dd2  (my youngest daughter).   Over the coming months you will get to hear both their tragedies and triumphs, their struggles and their victories and my never-ending attempts to stay sane in the process. 

Welcome to the far side of the spectrum.

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